Ok, so we’re project managers. It’s not our expertise to:

  • Get people to focus
  • Help people handle stress wisely
  • Unlock the intelligence of others

Not everything covered in the PMBOK

people circle… it isn’t necessarily obvious how to facilitate these things. To help a team work well together when everyone is under pressure is particularly challenging.  And even great teams can fall apart at times.

Attending to the human dimension, or “the people side” can make a huge difference to the project outcomes and the team.

And teams that work well together work faster, more effectively and are enjoyable! 


A human potential approach shifts focus from directing and mandating performance (or behaviors) to being in charge of facilitating potential.

It changes what you pay attention to, how you run meetings, and how you relate to people on your team. It will add some key coaching skills to your approach. As a result, you will spend less time intervening, firefighting and escalating the urgent stuff… and more time delivering the important stuff. 

You’ll find your team settling down, getting more done with less drama. You’ll notice people wanting to contribute and become better team players.

State of the American workplace report demonstrates the competitive advantage of this :

If a company has a ratio of 9.3 engaged people for every 1 disengaged
it means 147% higher earnings per share (EPS) compared with their competition

We think it’s the ultimate edge.