“As Director of Project and Program Management at BT, I thought three factors made successful project managers: experience, methodology and skill. But there was a fourth factor. Great projects were made by people working at their best. I became determined to learn the art of helping people rise to their best.” – Elese Coit

All I mean by “working at one’s best” is that someone is functioning at full capacity as a human being and the mind is clear so their brainpower is actually available to them in the moment they need it — unrestricted by external circumstances or events.

Human potential coaching showed me that my own mind had unlimited capacity for new ideas.  I began take this understanding to teams so they too, could tap into greater capacity to problem-solve and brainstorm. As I developed my approach, I spent 20 years leading project teams in global IT and tech implementations and a further ten years coaching and training coaches.

ANY PROJECT MANAGER can facilitate this way of working, regardless of the mix in the team.

Great TeamsIn real life, projects are a complex cauldron of objectives and resources sitting on a hot stove of urgency.

So if we are expecting a team to accomplish the impossible (as stakeholders often demand) it’s obvious we need to become powerful team leaders who know how to help people work together efficiently under pressure. 

We all know too well, the cost to a team if members don’t contribute fully or pull their full weight. In fact,

A project will succeed in proportion to THE LEADER’s ability to bring out the best in people. period.

WE work with projects, teams and project leaders and show you how to bring out the best in people — in all kinds of teams, but especially project teams. When you master this for yourself, you may still have the same people round the table, but you’ll have a whole new team on your hands!