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You're a technical expert. You've got the project nailed.
Now master the people side.

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Elese Coit. People, Project and Program Specialist


People Make Projects Work … Or Not

The people side of projects is the biggest hidden dependency in any project. Literally everything depends on it.

By focusing on people using this human dimension approach, your team will get more done, more efficiently and more creatively, with less drama.

The Founding Idea

“As Director of Project and Program Management at British Telecom, I was the person to call if anything went wrong on a project. Turns out, there was only ever one thing: the people side. ” ~E. Coit

Our Expertise

Our Expertise and Approach

Project excellence is achieved through the collective efforts of people. As a project leader, you need people working at their best.

Do you consider this a project deliverable? As a critical project specialist, Elese’s expertise is helping teams realize and work at their full capacity.

$ 60
Average size of projects (in millions)
Years in Project & Program Management
900 +
People Coached
100 %
People In Projects

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